Social Data

The population of Kanagawa showed a quantum increase during the period of
economic expansion. In 1955, the population of our prefecture was approximately
2.92 million, which doubled to about 6.4 million in 20 years (1975) and now is
nearly 8.33 million (1979), though the rate of population increase has subsided
Trend in population

Gross prefectural product
Gross prefectural product of Kanagawa in FY1993 amounted to 29 trillion yen
(apprixumately 265.8 billion US dollars) and ranked eleventh in the world after
Holland (309.3 billion dollars) and Australia (289.3 billion dollars), exceeding
Switzerland (232.1 billion dollars), Belgium (210.6 billion dollars) and accounting
for approximately 1% of the world GDP. Kanagawa Prefecture has the third
largest economic activity in Japan, after Tokyo and Osaka.
Trend in GDP

Vehicle owenership
Vehicle ownership in Kanagawa Prefecture was approximately 3.74 million units
at the end of FY1997.
Trend in vehicle owenership