Water Pollution

  1. Water pollution is caused by various factors ranging from human activities to natural factors.
    However, it is estimated that domestic waste water from households accounts for nearly 80% of all such pollution.
  2. The water quality of rivers has improved due to the broad introduction of sewage systems in urban rivers, though the rate of improvement has steadily leveled off.
    Meanwhile, Tokyo Bay and enclosed waters such as Lake Sagami have had red tides and algae blooms due to eutrophication.

Biological River Water Quality
__ Good Quality
__ Fair Quality
__ Poor quality
__ Bad Quality

Name of river
(1) Tama River
(2) Thurumi River
(3) Sakai River
(4) Sagami River
(5) Sakawa River

Groundwater and Soil

  1. Due to rapid urbanization and high industrial activity, Kanagawa presently faces problems with the drying of groundwater supplies and the contamination by organic chlorides in many areas.
  2. While ground subsidence is occurring in limited areas, ground subsidence covering large areas has decreased.
  3. The environmental impacts of residual hazardous substances in the soil are matters of concern, since the environmental quality standards regarding contamination of the soil have been exceeded in some areas.

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