Air Pollution

1) The main sources of atmospheric
pollutant in our prefecture include
factories, business establishments
and automobiles, many of which are
concentrated in the Yokohama and
Kawasaki areas.
Trend of annual average of SO2 at Prefectural government office
2) Levels of nitrogen dioxide,
Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM)
and photochemical oxidants are still
high, and air tested at many air
pollution monitoring stations does
not meet environmental quality
3) Annual average levels of sulfur
dioxide and carbon monoxide remain
low and air at all monitoring stations
has met environmental quality
standards for long-term assessments.
However, some stations did not
attain the environmental quality
standards for sulfur dioxide for
short term-assessments.
Trend of annual average of NO2 at Prefectural government office
4) Substances which may have an
impact on human health, such as
causing cancer, if inhaled over long
periods of time, have been detected
in the air. It has been pointed out
that there is concern that damage
to health may become noticeable.