Kanagawa Environmental Research Center

Structure of the Medium-range Plan           [Direction]                                                  [Goal]
Priority area 1:Reduction in risk from chemical substances in local environment
Reduction of risk from chemical substances to local environment More effective and advanced environmental monitoring
Understanding and assessment of environmental impact
Evaluation and application of emission reduction measures
Promotion of the comprehensive evaluation of chemical substances and the provision of data
Priority area 2:Realization of resource recycling-oriented society
                  and promotion ofappropriate waste treatment
Establishment of a safe and stable recycling system
Establishment of safety control method for recycling construction waste as wood waste
Establishment of effective usage of biogas collection techniques, etc.
Study of a method to score green rating aiming at minimizing hazardous wastes
Enhancement of safety measures for waste treatment facilities Establishment of stable incineration technologies for waste mixture
Establishment of a diagnostic system for a stable and appropriate management of landfill
Priority area 3:Promotion of automobile pollution management measures
Effectiveness and evaluation of automobile traffic pollution management measures aiming at improving the urban environment Validation of effectiveness of reduction measures for PM2.5 and other hazardous chemical emissions through anti-diesel measures
Improvement of air quality in local areas where a higher-level of pollution is caused by automobile emissions
Presentation of measures against roadside noise issues and an evaluation method
Validation of global warming prevention measures
Validation of effectiveness of global warming prevention measures Establishment of targeted reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and monitoring methods
Preservation of ecological environment
Conservation of healthy ecosystem Understanding the mechanism in which beech trees decline due to air pollution
Technology to preserve, create and reproduce waterfront environment
          [Direction]                                                  [Goal]
Administrative inspection and investigation for non-emergency
Non-emergency measures regulations for environment preservation On-site inspection required by laws, and ordinances, methodological implementation of environmental investigation and provision of advice and instruction
Implementation of automatic environmental monitoring for photochemical air pollution, etc. and effective utilization of data
Priority area 1:Emergency responses to environmental contamination
Emergency responses to environmental contamination Emergency responses to soil and groundwater contamination
Emergency responses to dioxin contamination
Maintenance and evaluation of decontamination technology information
Priority area 2:Establishment of a function as a center
                  for comprehensive environmental information
Reinforcement of the function
for comprehensive environmental
information center
Consolidated management of environmental information owned by Kanagawa Prefecture
Analysis of environmental information and provision in a user-friendly manner
Priority area 3:Promotion of practical environmental education
Human resource development targeted at Kanagawa residents Reinforcement of support system for those who engage in environment preservation activities
Enhancement of function similar to that of the Japan Center for promotion of global warming prevention actions
Human resource development and succession of technology
Human resource development targeted at officials of the prefecture and municipalities Provision of training for officials responsible for environment preservation operation and research personnel

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