*Organization of the Center

Executive Director
Deputy Executive Directorl
Administration Division Manages personnel, budgets, Center buildings, etc.
Planning Division Conducts overall coordination of research and surveys: planning and progress management of research projects; and liaison and coordination with other institutions.
Also plans the training necessary for research staff.
Environmental Conservation Division
  • Chemical Substances Team;
  • Air Quality Team;
  • River and Lakes Team;
Conducts research and surveys on air quality and air pollution by chemicals, such as dioxins and "environmental hormones," and suspended particulate matter, and aquatic environments and water pollution.
Environmental Technology Division
  • Waste Materials Team;
  • Water Treatment Technology Team;
  • Traffic Pollution Control Team;
Conducts research, surveys, and instruction regarding waste materials, air pollutants (pollution sources), automobile exhaust, offensive odors, water quality, groundwater and soil pollution, noise, and vibration.
Information and Communication Division
  • Environmental Monitoring Team;
  • Environmental Information Team;
  • Environmental Education Team;
Continuous monitoring of air quality; research and surveys regarding environmental data in general; promotion of environmental study; and education and support regarding conservation activities.

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