* History of the Center

From the late of 1950s, with industrial progress being made in Keihin Industrial Area of Kanagawa Prefecture, there were many complaints about environmental pollution.

In 1951, the Kanagawa Prefectural Government enacted the Kanagawa Prefecture Business Place Environmental Pollution Prevention Ordinance.

In 1958, Environmental Pollution Sub-section was established in the Industry section of the Commerce and Industry Department.

Then, in June of 1963, in order to strengthen the environmental pollution countermeasures, the Planning and Investigation Department took charge of the Environmental Pollution Sub-section and the Environmental Pollution Section was founded as a special section.

In April of 1968, the Kanagawa Prefectural Environmental Center was established.

In April of 1971, the environmental pollution related Departments and Bureaus were unified into the Environmental Pollution Counter-Measure Bureau.

In May of 1977, in order to comprehensively and effectively carry out environmental measures, the Environmental Department was established.

The following sketches the history of the organization of the Kanagawa Environmental Research Center.

October 1963 Test and Measurement Sub-section was opened as one sub-section of the Environmental Pollution Section in the former building of the Kanagawa Prefectural Public Health Laboratory.
April 1968 The Kanagawa Prefectural Environmental Center was established as an administrative organization mainly composed of the Test and Measurement sub-section.

The Center had four sections, Planning and Enlightenment Section, Air quality Section, Water Quality Section and Noise Section, with 20 personnel altogether.
July 1970 Conventional administrative organs were changed to research organs and the Special Materials Section was established to handle especially specific hazardous materials and heavy metals.
October 1970 On the premises of the Kawasaki Branch of the Industrial Research Institute of Kanagawa Prefecture, the Kawasaki Branch was established.

At the same time, in the premises of the Samukawa Purification Plant of the Public Enterprises Agency, Kanagawa Prefectural Government, the Shonan Branch was established.
January 1972 Construction of new buildings for the Center and the branches atarted and the Shonan Branch building was completed in Toyohara-cho, Hirathuka City.
March 1972 Transfer and expansion of the Center started along with the expansion of the Kanagawa Prefectural Health Laboratory.

The new Center building was completed at Futamatagawa, Asahi-ku, Yokohama City.

The Center started operation in May of 1972.

Prior to this, in April, the Air Quality Department and the Water Quality Department were established.

At the same time, the Planning and Enlightenment Section was renamed the Administration Section, and the Noise Section was renamed the Noise and Vibration Section.
April 1972 The Kawasaki Branch was renamed the Keihin Branch.
November 1972 The Keihin Branch building was completed at the site of the Keihin Branch.
July 1973 In order to strengthen planning, adjustment and enlightenment guidance activities, the Planning and Steering Division was established.

The Air Quality Section was added to the Keihin Branch.

At the same time, the Air Quality Section and the Water Quality Section were added to the Shonan Branch.
August 1974 The administrative Section was added to the Keihin and Shonan Branches.
June 1981 The Keihin Branch was renamed the Special Air Quality (in Kawasaki) and the Air Quality Section of the Keihin Branch was renamed the Special air Quality Section.

The Administration Section was integrated into the Administration Section of the Headquarters
April 1991 The Kanagawa Prefectural Environmental Center was recognized as the Kanagawa Environmental Research Center at its current location.

The conventional Kawasaki and Shonan Branches, the air Pollution Monitoring Center (the Prefectural Government Building), and the Waste Research Department (the Kanagawa Prefectural Public Health Laboratory) were integrated and expanded.

The facilities for people of Kanagawa Prefecture, to learn about the environment, were equipped.
July 1991 Completion ceremony was held.

The Environmental Learning Facilities and Environmental Information System (Air quality monitoring system, Kanagawa information system for chemical compounds and Business support system) went into operation.
April 1997 Internet homepage "Environment in Kanagawa (Japanese)" was opened.
June 2003 Organizational reform, including unification of Chemical Substances Team, for more efficient operation.